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A graphics community devoted to the fandom of Axis Powers Hetalia
Welcome to Hetalia Graphics! XD

We are a graphics community dedicated to the fandom of Axis Powers Hetalia (as the name states...:P) Here you can find icons, banners, colorizations, and many other graphics pertaining to the fandom. We're pretty lenient here, but there are a few rules (as well as guidelines) we insist on maintaining:
For posting graphics:

☢ Please post YOUR OWN WORK!!! We do NOT allow plagiarism, so if you got the icon/banner/etc from someone else, please do not post it as your own! In the special case that you have obtained permission from the original artist to post their work here, please be sure to credit the designer and be sure to provide a link to where the original work can be found.

☢ If you're posting a very image heavy post, please use a lj-cut, that way we don't have a community that takes forever to load.


☢ If you can, credit as many sources and resources as possible. Linking to sites were sources were found (especially images) is also LOVE, as this is a great help to fellow graphic designers who are searching for images.:D

☢ When it comes to fanart, we DO allow fanart to be used in graphics. However, if the original artist asks you not to use their work for graphics, please respect their wishes. Also, if an artist notices their work used in icons on this community and asks that they be taken down, please do so.

For using graphics:

☢ If the designer asks that you credit them when using their work, PLEASE DO SO!

☢ Be sure to leave a comment before taking any graphics to use. The designer will greatly appreciate it and I'm sure they'd love to hear how much you love their graphics! ;)

☢ NO HOTLINKING!!! It deeply hurts photobucket...

Becoming a member:

We are very open to new members, so if you think you'd like to join, please do!

We hope you decide to join and contribute to Hetalia Graphics! :D


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